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Old School RuneScape’s long-awaited Deadman Mode returns

After over a year in hiatus, Old School RuneScape's most beloved PvP (player vs. player) tournament returns. With a host of new changes, it's appropriately named Deadman Mode: Reborn. To play Deadman Mode (DMM for short), all you need is an OSRS account with an active membership. To survive, though, and ultimately make it to the finales, you're going to need to know everything you can.

Starting on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021, thousands of players will enter the 17th Deadman Mode tournament to power level their skills, fearlessly kill each other in PvP, and slay RuneScape's most dangerous bosses. All in preparation to be one of the top 2048 players to qualify for the tournament's final stage, a fierce 1v1 PvP competition where players fight to win part of the $32,000 cash prize pool and be crowned the winner of Deadman Mode: Reborn.

For those unfamiliar, Deadman Mode is a month-long PvP focused tournament in which players start on a new character. Your progress will be restricted to this game mode, and levels come nearly as quickly as they can be lost. EXP is multiplied by 10x for all exp, combat exp multipliers scale based on combat level worlds (10-25x), most rare monster drops are multiplied by 4x, many quests are auto unlocked based on your combat level bracket, and practically everywhere is a PvP zone. It's a fast-paced and high-risk game mode, but with risk comes reward.

As DMM is all about PvP, you'll always need to be on your toes. Whether you're chopping magic logs, fishing sharks, or even taking down bandos, a player or a clan can come at any time to kill you. Your days or weeks of pain-staking progress can be lost in what feels like a blink of an eye because when you die to a PKer, they get a bank key to raid your bank. You can save ten items of your choice in a safe deposit box. You get killed, and you at least keep these items, but you get a significant hit to your EXP.

Well, that's how it used to work anyways. This is Deadman Reborn, and with that comes significant death changes. Notably, in this case, the three life systems. Three lives and you're out... Well, not exactly. Deadman mode is known for being punishing. First two deaths, another player kills you, they raid your bank, but you keep your EXP. You die the third time, and you lose your top 28 most valuable items, safe deposit box, all of your combat stats, and 10% of your total skilling exp. As with all things in Gielinor, it's not all bad. When you die, you still keep all of your questing progress, you get to choose a tier two sigil (more on these later), and your lives get reset again.

Nobody blames you for playing safely. Safe zones are where you can do your planning, safe leveling, trading, item buying, and swapping gold. A compilation of the most commonly used safe zones is listed below.

  • Barbarian Assault (inside the minigame only)
  • Catherby (Bank area only)
  • East Ardougne
  • Falador
  • Jatizso (town area only)
  • Lumbridge
  • Neitiznot (town area only)
  • Port Phasmatys
  • Rellekka
  • Seers' Village (Bank area only)
  • Sophanem
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Tutorial Island
  • Varrock
  • Void Knights' Outpost
  • Yanille
  • Kourend Castle

Now, on the other hand, we can't blame you for wanting to slay noobs who are leveling at cows, magic trees, or even bossing to take their bank. Not much can compare to the thrill of downing a player in their final life, getting their 28 best items, safety deposit box, all while improving your chances of pocketing that lush $20,000. That's just what Deadman Mode is all about.

Whether you're rebuilding, building out the best pk gear from scratch, wanting to collect all of the sigils, or setting yourself up for the finale, you're going to need DMM gold. DMM is a player-driven economy and being the first and being the best-equipped makes all of the difference. Whether it's grabbing ancient magics before anybody else, having the first vesta longsword, or protective gear like karils, you're going to want to be ready. provides the best rates to swap your OSRS and RS3 gold for DMM gold.

Now you have the core idea of what the tournament is all about; you should understand what makes this one so unique—these never-before-seen changes spice up the action more than any previous Deadman Mode. More than just the controversial three-life system, there's also combat bracket worlds, Deadman Sigils, and a more single-player balanced finale.

Deadman Sigils are arguably the most exciting change in this new tournament. Still shrouded mostly in mystery what the Sigils will be and how they'll be used by the savviest of players, we do at least have a glimpse of what to expect. The things we know so far are:

  • There will be three types of sigils (utility, skilling, and combat).
  • If you die on one of your first or second lives, you will keep your attuned sigils. Any attuned and unattuned sigils will be lost in your last life.
  • Each sigil type also has three tiers (tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3).
  • You can use three sigils at a time, but only two of them can be combat-based, so choose wisely for each moment. To use them, you need to attune them to your character.
  • When you start your journey, or if you die three times, you'll have the choice of a tier two sigil.
  • Sigils can't be traded but can be bought and sold on the Grand Exchange.
  • All monsters have a chance of dropping sigils, but higher combat NPCs have the highest likelihood.
  • We know what three of the tier two combat sigils will be as part of a surprise reveal before the tournament starts.
    • Sigil of the ruthless ranger (ranged combat sigil) - Upon dealing ranged damage, you have a 10% chance of crippling the target’s movement. The effect deals 6 damage over the next 6 seconds and drains a total of 30 run energy in that time. A target can only be under the effect of one crippling effect at a time. When using the sigil, you will also get an additional 50% ranged combat exp.
    • Sigil of the feral fighter (melee combat sigil) - Upon dealing melee damage, you have a 10% chance of setting your attack speed to 1.8 seconds for the next 3 attacks, within the next 12 seconds. When using the sigil, you will also get an additional 25% attack and strength exp.
    • Sigil of the menacing mage (Magic combat sigil) - Upon dealing magic, you have a 10% chance of cursing the target. The curse deals 12 damage over the next 6 seconds, and heals you for the same amount. A target can only be under the effect of one curse at a time. When using the sigil, you will get an additional 50% magic exp. Still unknown at this time if the EXP is boosted in non combat scenarios or not.

As there is so much unknown about the new Deadman Sigils, continue to check back on to get continuous updates of all the breaking information regarding them.

Combat Level worlds are one of the other significant deadman mode changes, but this one is aimed to protect you, whether you're a single-player or part of a clan. When entering the game mode for the first time, you'll be in the lowest combat bracket world (levels 3 to 35). Don't be fooled, though. A level 35 built the right way can be more substantial than a level 50, so be mindful of the surrounding players.

A full breakdown of combat bracket worlds

  • Bracket 1 - 3-35 (10x Combat Multiplier)
  • Bracket 2 - 36-70 (15x Combat Multiplier)
  • Bracket 3 - 71-100 (20x Combat Multiplier)
  • Bracket 4 - 101-126 (25x Combat Multiplier)

The end of the tournament, the finale, is where a lot of community controversy is bubbling. Historically, the ending has been an all-out brawl where players are pushed to a central location to fight to the end in a multi combat zone. Chins are flying rapidly, ice spells freezing everyone, loot scattered all over the ground, and nobody's considered safe. Clans dominate this arena with the sheer amount of numbers they boast. When there's only a handful of players standing, they get teleported to an arena to enter a series of 1v1 fights to the death.

This time it's different, though. Single players have a chance of taking home some massive bank loot. At the end of the tournament, the top 2048 players with the highest total level will be automatically chosen to compete in a series of one versus one fights. You'll need to be prepared, though. These fights shouldn't be taken lightly, though. The players with the best sigils, gear, and stats have the highest chances of winning. To ensure you are ready, head over to our swapping page and prepare yourself with the best gear for the final fight. It could make all the difference.

Suppose you're looking to keep up-to-date on Deadman's most viral clips and streams from day one to the grand finale, then check out Twitch. This tournament will be a banger, with massive pks, strategies, and more, and the content is undoubtedly not going to disappoint.